No Meio da Confusão (o amor em visita)is a short film by a Portugues filmmaker Catarina Barata. In spring 2012 she invited Jasper Džuki Jelen en Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj to collaborate on her project, in which she investigated how to translate the intimacy of a dance performance to a film screen. The physical wordless communication between Jelen en Vogelnik-Škerlj provided Barata the building stones to formulate her personal reflection on the society. For filming location she chose the desolte and breathtaking landscape around South-Portugues town Sintra.

The physical material of No Meio da Confusão was in 2014 worked to a short duet In the Midst of Everything.


Original title: No Meio da Confusão (o amor em visita)
Choreography and performane: Jasper Dzuki Jelen, Mojra Vogelnik-Skerlj
Adaptation for the screen: Catarina Barata
Sound design and original soundtrack: Nuno Salvado
Camera operators: Catarina Barata, Nuno Salvado


2 Nov 2018 in Chasse Theater, Breda, NL
26 Oct 2015 in Festival Videodanza Videomovimiento, Bogota, Columbia*
Video-dance showcase in the context of 23rdInternational Dance Festival Portugal:
3 Oct 2015 in Fnac Colombo, PT
1 Oct 2015 in Cine-Teatro da Academia Almadense, PT
1 Oct 2015 in Fnac Chiado, PT
29-30 Sept 2015 in Escola Superior de Dança, PT
28 Sept 2015 in Fnac Almada, PT

* In Festival Videodanza Videomovimiento Bogota, Columbia No Meio da Confusão (o amor em visita) won a metion of honor.
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