Going solo

photo: William van der Voort

'Sorry, I can’t hear you, your image is frozen, the signal is bad, the login code doesn’t work...’

Digital contact, who can still escape it? Especially during these times of covid home isolation we’re more and more in contact with and via objects, like our smartphones and laptops. We have become talking and staring heads on screens. The body and particularly touch are increasingly fading into the background.

In Going Solo The100Hands, together with the audience, investigates how we experience touch, what the limits of (shared) moral values are, what stubborn male-female cliches tell us and how differently everyone deals with physical contact and 'skin hunger'.

Gloomy stuff? No. Intimate, invitingly interactive, with humor and at times uncomfortable and moving? Definitely!

Due to the ongoing covid measurements in The Netherlands the premiere of Going Solo has been postponed till further notice.


Concept, choreography, text, performance: Jasper Džuki Jelen
Dramaturgy: Mojra Vogelnik Škerlj
Music: Arthur van der Kuip
Costume design and scenography: Esther Sloots
Production: Hans Struik
In coproduction with: DansBrabant
With the support of: Gemeente Breda, PLAN Brabant.

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