About the100hands

The100Hands is a young cultural organization working at the intersection of contemporary dance, live art and site specific performances. It is founded and led but Jasper Džuki Jelen and Mojra Vogelnik-Škerlj.
The live meeting of people is the starting point of all our work. It takes shape in performances, installations, training sessions and interactive lectures. In each project a different aspect of a physical meeting is highlighted, for ex. physical proxemity, viewing and showing the body, intensity and impact of touch etc. In a time when increasing digital communication too often leads to alienation from ourselves, each other and  from our bodies, we are looking for alternatives in creating physical gatherings. Our work is based on the conviction that the key to nderstanding ourselves lies in the ability to relate ourselves to others and their diverse perspectives. 
From a belief that active presence of people involved in a gathering deepens thier experience, we create contexts in which people can move and actively immerse themselves into play.

The audience thus most often shares the space with the performers. In the contexts that we create we use different reactions of everyone invoived to make social codes nd issues visible, accessible and open for dialogue. With the physical live encounter being one of the base premises of the work it is not surprising that all our movement vocabulary departs from partnering work. We trace our social interactions back to primary physical actions such as pushing, pulling, balancing, falling etc. With that we want to reveal human vulnerability, physical virtuosity and psychological vigour. Our ambition is to make work in a sustainable way for everyone involved and with a minimal environmental impact.

Our vision is alive and changing in response to our experience, study and growth.

The100Hands work in collaboration with DansBrabant via PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant.

Artistic leader / maker 

Mojra (SI) has a degree and professional background in architecture. Parallel to that she developed a specific common sense performative quality and physical technique through intensive study of capoeira, international contemporary dance courses and personal research in the field of improvisation. Upon relocating to the Netherlands in 2010 she directed her professional focus towards performing, creating and teaching internationally.

Within The100Hands she is the one that during concept development keeps 'digging' till we come to the core of an idea. She keeps track of the line in overall vision and she is exceptional in coaching and fine-tuning of the performers.

Presently she is focusing on the use of space within a performance, the use of contemporary psychology in creative processes as well as in organization structure, and environmentally responsible production design. Besides she studies a traditional form of Hatha yoga, which affects her perspective on observation, creation and study in general. 

Artistic leader / maker

Jasper (NL/SI) has a degree in dance and a background in martial arts and theatre.For a decade he was one of the core members of intentional dance company Arch8/Erik Kaiel, performing award winning works, while conducting his own research in the field of partnering and location performance.Jasper's strength lies within the physicalization of concepts into scenes and working methods. His creativity is versatile and extends from movement into the use of wording and sound. With sensitivity to psychological nuances and with the necessary humor he combines these performative elements into unexpected situations. In the developmental stages of work he designs the strategies for the creative team to play an active role in the creation of movement, text and collective dialogue.

Creative producer

Sanne Wichman is a match-maker in arts, a producer, organizer and teacher. She has a degrees in dance and a Master of Education in Arts. She acquired extensive production experience by Dansmakers Amsterdam among others and has experience with acquisition by DansBrabant. For De Dansers she develops now education and context programs for performance. Since 2017 she works with The100Hands as a creative producer where she keeps an overview of the dynamic operations and processes of the organization. She is presently extending her network and skills being a part of CAMP (an international project led by four senior Creative Agents Managers Producers) and De Metselarij (Festival Cement). She takes care that each project finds suitable partners, co-producers and the necessary funding, while fostering a healthy balance in the ongoing artistic- / business choices of the team.

Co-creative performer

Jade van den Hout is a Fontys graduate, freelance dancer, co-maker and teacher. As a performer she is energetic and generous, with a rare talent to both - take space and give it to co-performers and the audience. She is a part of The100Hands since 2014, where she has grown from a trainee to a co-creating dancer and assistant. She is currently studying with J. Frucek and L. Kapetanea (Fighting Monkey), which influences her physical development, creative reflection and perspective on training. As a representative of a younger generation Jade enriches the vision and insights of the organization with fresh impulses.


The100Hands are supported by Stichting The100Hands and its board members:
Hans Blik (chairman)Jette SchneiderEdgar Kampers


The100Hands are supported by:
DansBrabant, PLAN Talentontwikkeling Brabant, Podium Bloos 


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