IMG_0837‘The100Hands’ was established because we believe that bringing people from diverse background together in flexible structures creates richer artistic work. Our aim is to bring people from different fields together for creative collaborations fueled with respect and friendship. When we talk about a 100 hands, we think of 50 people that work together or a 100 people offering their best hand. The point is that two pairs of hands can always do more than one. Our work itself and the way of collaborating often resemble people intertwined and interconnected.

Our vision is to use art in order to offer alternative point of view on many things. The idea is to expand from what we already know and develop new models of collaboration with musicians, composers, actors, writers, film makers… Challenging each other out of our ‘comfort zones’ is an important part of it and this is where a lot of learning, fun and development happen.

We seek to create a work that is not complete until it is received and responded to by an audience. That doesn’t mean that people have to dance with us, but we looking for ways to include every one to think, feel and sometimes even (re)act. Theater is of course by default interactive, but acknowledging it makes a difference.

And it is not so much about pointing at what people, society, politics etc. do and what is wrong with them, but rather trying to create performances, that engage people to look with new eyes at what they know already, see things and options they rarely or never chose to perceive before.

Also we challenge ourselves into that creative watching, doing and thinking.. while performing, creating, teaching and being students..

Peace, Jasper & Mojra

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